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Allison is committed to conservation and sustainability of the Venice Lagoon and its culture.  Her painting stems from a decade-long dedication to the northern Venice Lagoon, and a deep affection for Isola Santa Cristina and Burano. Her work seeks to champion the protection of one of the world’s most beguiling wetlands, and generate awareness of the perils facing its ancestral fishing methods, local culture, and sustainable lifestyle. 

Having trained in oil painting under the artist John Kelly, she uses palette knife and brush to create her oil paintings on linen and burlap, preferring the texture and hue of a natural canvas. In the same vein, she uses granulating watercolours on natural fibre paper to convey the beguiling and unpredictable toughness of the natural world. 

Allison studied Literature at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California, is a thrice-published author and a member of the Society of Scottish Artists. She is the co-founder and president of the Barena Association, which supports conservation projects in the northern Venice Lagoon.


We have forgotten the wilderness, the quiet freedom of untamed space, the holiness of that which fortune and convenience can never touch. Some things are here for our souls, not our interests, and every land has its pockets of wild. Let us leave them there for the birds, for the night watch, for the person who needs and longs for a creeping into invisibility. For once we have exploited them, it is our hearts that will be bankrupt, and the deep need for connection to the earth will starve and wither. Let wild run free.

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