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Relationships are one of the most important aspects of my collaborations and partnerships. I am proud to be working with professionals across a variety of fields who are both inspiring and who share a similar vision for mindfulness, respect, elegance and grace. 



Celebrating the love for our city and its beloved lagoon with a series of six different watercolours and a Christmas card, exclusively for Blitz, who provides elegant experiences in the Lagoon. Each is a glimpse into our world. Together, we weave a winsome tale of Venice and take you on the experience of a lifetime.



Art and Wine for
Sasso di Sole

Details coming in 2024!





Italian Heritage
and the husbandry of gold

Series of eight unique greeting cards printed on finest cotton paper, and enfolded in gold-lined natural envelopes.

'Barena Collection': Sea Purslane, Tamerici, Limonium

'Frutta d'Italia' Collection': Two lemons, Prickly Pears, Grapes, Olives

'Limoncello': a celebration of Amalfi lemons

As one of the most diverse and beguiling countries in the world, Italy is the custodian of many of the natural resources of our earth. These feed us, speak to our souls and bring us a deep sense of contentment, joy and peace. They have long bound us in moments of joy and friendship, hardship and tears. Our resources are our luxury, and the husbandry thereof our greatest responsibility. 

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